Glamour or Boudoir

If you were to go to the Dictionary or online to check out the definitions of Glamour Photography and Boudoir Photography, you would find the lines drawn between the two are a bit blurry.


Each describes and defines the other with only slight differences between them. In both cases the pictures can be intimate and revealing, sometimes including implied or partial nudity. However, the true definition of "Boudoir" comes to us from the French word meaning "a private chamber where a woman is allowed to sulk or pout".  


In modern times this is now used to imply that which is private and intimate. To that end we like to think that both our Glamour and Boudoir work are perfect ways to celebrate many different occasions in your life with Boudoir being reserved for that special someone.


Come celebrate a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's or what ever happy event you have in your life with a Glamour or Boudoir session with us. It's time for you to feel sexy again!