About Rose & Dagger

The Rose and Dagger grew out of our original web site called "Babes with Blades". This came from my long time hobby of collecting swords and the suggestion that I begin displaying them on the Net. Since no one would have found a collection of steel very interesting, it was then suggested we get several ladies from my significant-other's belly dance troupe to pose with them... and a new web site was born.


I (your photographer) had begun studying photography at the age of 16, and eventually worked as an intern for an established photographer in Dallas, learning the portrait and wedding photography trade. I had set my sights on this career path when two things happened to change my mind. First, there was the "Wedding from Hell" and second, the affordable micro-computer revolution had begun. From there I took a 27-year detour into the world of being an I.T. professional.


However, when I started taking pictures for my personal web site in the year 2000 (great way to start off a new millennia) it was like riding a bicycle, and my old photographic skills came right back. From there I began doing more digital photo-work for my job and maintaining their web pages. I also found myself being asked to do portrait work and even commercial work for friends. Then in 2005 I was offered the opportunity of taking early retirement... or risk my job being relocated to New Delhi. I decided now was an excellent time to get out of one game and back into my original interest in life... photography.


In the twenty plus years I had been away, the world of photography had changed dramatically with the advent of Digital processing. I found I could do things in my "Digital Darkroom" that I could only dream of back in the seventies. Originally frowned upon by professionals, Digital work has now gained acceptance and is one of the most rapidly expanding mediums available for an artist to work with today. In this exciting field, I'm learning and discovering something new almost every day... and loving it!