What sort of training have you had?

I originally began working in my high school camera club darkroom. From there I began reading every book on photographic style and technique I could get my hands on. For a while I worked with a group that worked exclusively with Southern Methodist University's student body. But it was when I met up with an established Dallas photographer at a seminar on wedding photography that my real training began. For the next year I learned the business from the inside out until Ben believed I was ready to start out on my own, which I have done for several years.


What format do you use?

In the past I was strictly working in both 35mm and medium format film. Today I work only in a digital format storing my files in low compression JPG format (other formats are available at your request). It gives me control over the images in a way every photographer could only dream of 20 years ago. Your digital images can be stored on CD or your computer, attached to email files such as resumes and can also be reproduced and printed over and over again.


What services do you provide?

I am always adding new services and ideas to my list, but right now I am doing the following work:
Light Commercial, Portraits, Headshots & Portfolio Work, Glamour & Boudoir Work and even Photo-Parties.


Do you do Weddings?

NO! Sorry, I mean no, I no longer shoot weddings. It was a wedding with an incident linked to a disagreement with the bride's mother that caused me to put my camera down for 27 years. Yes, there is a lot of money to be made shooting weddings, but not enough to cover the stress the situation causes. If you need a wedding photographer check your local yellow pages or even the internet. Google has more than twelve million listings for them.


Where do you work from?

Right now I have turned my home into a working studio. It is located in the North Garland, Texas area and is only 5 minutes from the George Bush Tollway.


Do you also work on site?

Yes, I can come to your location or one of your choosing for a small extra fee. I was originally trained as an "environmental photographer" and enjoy the challenges of working in public parks, other people's homes and even in offices.


What do I get for my session?

That depends on the package you want. Unlike some photographers who hold onto the negatives and files to make you have to order more prints from them, I include a full CD (or two) with all the files we shot in your session, both the winners and the ones where you made that funny/strange face. I also include the files that I have digitally corrected and prepped for you to be able to make 8 X 10 prints of. How many corrected and prepared files depends on your package.


Can you fix that, uh, blemish on my forehead?

No problem, I have been training in the art of digital pixel manipulation with several well known software packages for years. I can remove blemishes, scars, most wrinkles and tattoos and even remove unwanted elements from the background. Can I make you look like the latest hot Hollywood star? No, but I can help make you look your best.


I notice you do Glamour & Boudoir work, what's the difference?

In the techniques used, not much. Many artists and models enjoy adding Glamour work to their portfolios and resumes. Whereas a simple portrait is a head & shoulders shot, Glamour work can also be a three-quarter and even full length shot. These shots also sometimes are of a feature the model wishes to draw extra interest to, such as their hands, feet, legs, etc. The lighting and props used are also specially designed to add that final coat of "polish" that really makes the picture stand out.
Boudoir work is more of the same, but more intimate. The word "boudoir" comes from the French for "bedroom" and implies a picture meant for that someone special in your life. This is romantic photography at its finest!


I've always wanted to have a Boudoir picture taken, but do I have to take my clothes off?

Not at all. We will only work to your level of comfort. In fact, it's easier to create the proper mood with additional items such as a nightgown, robe, fur, bed sheet or even your significant other's favorite work shirt. Sometimes implied nudity is even more alluring and sensual than the "Full Monty". By the way, the correct term to use for a photograph is "nude". Nudity is the deliberate form of being undressed, like when you take a shower; whereas "naked" is what you are when the plumber accidentally walks in on you in that shower. Admittedly... "naked" can also be the more playful side of being without clothes. Think about that time you went skinny-dipping, nobody got nude... they got naked.


Can I bring someone to my session?

Yes and most times we insist on it, especially for your Glamour and Boudoir sessions. However, we do ask that if you are having a Portrait, Glamour or Boudoir picture made as a gift for someone, that you bring a different friend or family member with you so as not to spoil the surprise. Also, let that person know that they may find themselves being put to good use moving lights, holding reflectors or even bringing the model (you) a drink when needed. There's no room in the studio for people to stand around watching, everyone works.


What if I don't like my pictures?

No problem. We can always re-shoot until we get the effect that makes you happy.


You mentioned something about Photo-Parties, what are they?

This is something new I'm trying out. For a set fee, you and your friends can come to the studio and we'll shoot as many pictures of you as time will permit in as many different outfits as you care to bring and time will allow. This service can even include a meal, snacks and drinks and everyone gets a CD of their pictures to take with them. Later, they can order up to three files to be finished and polished so that they can either print them or use them for business cards, resumes, etc.

If you have additional questions that I haven't addressed, please contact me with an email.

Thank you.